Global Collaborative Delivery  


We empower our international partner schools to showcase their expertise in teaching and learning by providing a range of robust, skill-focused curriculum options, comprehensive teacher training and resources, and individualized student success services that ensure each student reaches their highest potential.  





Our partnership begins by understanding your unique education needs, culture, and challenges. Keeping this shared picture in mind, we work with you to define a unique value proposition and co-design the right programming for you and your students.






We prepare our partners for success by providing comprehensive program training, operational manuals, and on-going supports, from academic administration, instructional excellence, guidance, university counselling, to marketing and student recruitment. 






We ensure the quality of the programs through central administration, course evaluation, and teacher professional development. We collaborate with our partners on every aspect of delivery, from instructional excellence to student services. 






Once joining the Rosedale community, our partners are elevated in education profiles and connected with top tier universities, public school boards and prestigious education institutions on defined university pathways, collaborative program marketing, exchange programs, cultural programs and a variety of international events that enhance the profile of all the partners.



Continuous innovation through Rosedale Centres of Excellence (CoE)



ESL Curriculum Team (Partial)


Curriculum Development Meeting


New Course Development | Curriculum Improvement| Teacher Lesson Plan | Instructional Resources

Rosedale’s Curriculum Centre of Excellence is comprised of a development team that includes creative and experienced professionals from project managers, subject-matter experts, experienced teachers, instructional designers, content developers, editors, as well as course reviewers and consultants from leading education institutions. 



Teacher Training 

Teacher Certification Training | Teacher Induction Support | Professional Development | Instructional Excellence Management  

With two state-of-the-art teacher training and support centers, in Toronto, Canada and Beijing, China, the Rosedale Teacher Training Centre of Excellence delivers comprehensive, in-depth teacher training programs and instructional management training to partner schools in both on-site and online interactive models. 


Rosedale Teacher Training Centre 


Rosedale Teacher Certification




University Counselling


University and Career Guidance

Student Success 

University & College Counselling | Individual Growth Plan (IGP) | Academic Advisory | Career Guidance 

Rosedale’s Student Success Centre of Excellence (CoE) is comprised of a team of experienced counsellors who develop a broad range of resources to be leveraged in the guidance departments of all partner schools. The CoE also leads the implementation of best practices and provides on-going support to partner schools around the world. 



Global Reach 

Defined University Pathway | Collaborative Marketing | Exchange Programs | International Activities 

Rosedale Global Reach Centre of Excellence constantly brings the world to our partner schools,  improving our partner school’s international profile through collaboration and partnership with leading post-secondary institutions and public-school boards in Canada, the United States and other regions around the world. 

Collaborative Marketing