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Rosedale Academy is an independent, Ontario-based Canadian private high school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada under Board School Identification (BSID) number 668726 and is authorized to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to graduates of Rosedale’s Global High School Program. Rosedale employs Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) from the Ontario College of Teachers to provide independent and centralized evaluation from Canada for our Ontario secondary school curriculum. In the 2021-2022 academic year, Rosedale provides hybrid learning to secondary education students in collaboration with 51 partner schools across 13 countries—and counting.

Our vision is to create life-changing learning outcomes for students around the world through a transformative approach to learning. Together, we reshape the future of global education.

Educational Approach

The Rosedale Global High School Program is rooted in the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and advanced by innovative education technology and Rosedale Academy’s Transformative Approach to Learning, a systematic approach to differentiated education that uses research-based curriculum and comprehensive teaching resources to support instructional excellence and student achievement in five focus areas: higher order thinking skills, realworld problem solving, differentiated instruction, personalized learning path and global preparedness. Our approach is aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Expectationsdetailed hereThis approach transforms our learners view of the world, allows them to become effective decision makers and take ownership of their learning goals.  

Number of 2021 graduates
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Rosedale Global High School teaching faculty

Delivery Model

Through our digital learning platform, we provide forward-thinking quality course learning content, rigorous assessments, data-driven student learning analytics, and differentiated instructional resources for teachers to empower our partner schools to embrace their local expertise in teaching and learning in classroom context. With our innovative model, we make modern global high school learning accessible to more students around the world and ensure students reach their full potential.  

Quality Assurance

We provide comprehensive teacher training programs including general qualification, advanced qualification and annual professional development. All training is subject-specific, and practitioner-oriented with assessments and improvement feedback to ensure all Rosedale Global High School teachers are fully equipped with the strategies, tools and skills to implement the Transformative Approach to Learning and deliver superior learner experiences and learning outcomes.  

Centralized Evaluation

Rosedale Academy is the central evaluation provider of the Rosedale Global High School Program. The medium of instruction is in English and student assessments are centrally evaluated by Rosedale Academy’s Ontario Certified Teachers in CanadaUpon successful completion of our program, students graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

Academic Integrity Management

Rosedale Academy emphasizes academic rigor and integrity among all students, teachers and partner schools, and proactively manages academic integrity with holistic approach including skill development, quality of evaluations, technology enablement, policies and procedures and case management, to educate, prevent and correct any challenges in academic integrity. 

Grading System

The Ontario Ministry of Education uses four levels of achievement, which are aligned to percentage marks as such: 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, each student must fulfil 30 total credits (18 compulsory, 12 optional)40 hours of community involvement activities and the provincial literacy requirement: 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) 

For students who are transferring from a school outside of Ontario, principals grant equivalency credits for placement purposes based on evaluation of the student’s previous learning as directed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Equivalency credits are granted to students who have appropriate transcripts and who have met similar curriculum expectations and standards of achievement as those who have taken the Ontario courses. More details can be found in this Ontario Ministry of Education document: OSS, Policies and Program Requirements, 2016.  

Global Recognition

Learn more about our feature in Global Affairs Canada and our achievement in learning innovation from The PIE. 

Class of 2021 University Acceptance

The Rosedale Academy Class of 2021 received letters of offer from 12 countries with an average of 4.4 university offers per student. In 2021, university offers by destination country include Canada (38%), UK (30%), Australia (22%), USA (7%) and a small percentage of additional countries. Learn more about student success, including 2021 acceptance outcomes, distribution of offers, scholarships and our 2021 graduation survey by clicking here. 

Students accepted by Global Top 100 universities
Students accepted by Global Top 50 universities
Students received scholarships to attend university

In 2021, Rosedale Academy graduates have been offered admission to global universities including: 

2021 university list

—Rosedale Academy School Profile, September 2021—

Imagine What Our Partnership Could Look Like...

Rosedale is dedicated to building strong partnerships with schools around the world to provide access to differentiated education. Our dedicated counsellors provide expert insights on the latest trends in international university admissions and are available to support the student journey. Our University and Careers Counsellor, alongside our Student Success Services team, works closely with local school counsellors to ensure our students receive individualized support before, during and after their university application process. Together with our signature Individual Growth Plan, our team of guidance professionals support students in post-secondary planning, the preparation of competitive applications, and the encouragement for learners to realize their goals for university—and beyond.