Disruptive Innovation in Education Technology

Our Digital Learning Platform embraces innovation to seamlessly combine technology, content, data and people to support the delivery of the Rosedale Global High School Program across the globe.

The Rosedale Digital Learning Platform

Our Digital Learning Platform is an educational hub comprised of three distinct parts. It’s a platform inclusive of a learning management system (LMS), curriculum and resource platform, and assessment and evaluation centre—these three areas converge and comprise the heart of Rosedale’s academic empowerment for our international partner schools, teachers and students.

How it Works

We cohesively integrate technology, content, data and people as one to enable the transformation of global education.


Robust systems, tools, processes and solutions that support student learning, teacher productivity and program management.


Multimedia content, collaborative activities, interactive assessments and lesson plans, teaching resources that support student learning outcomes and instructional excellence.


Data-driven learning analytics, academic management and reporting create insights for continued improvement, for studentsteachers and overall program.


Our dedicated team of Ontario Certified Teachers provide course evaluation, transform student learning, and offer subject-specific teacher support. 

Rosedale’sinnovative digital curriculum focuses on differentiated education and instruction with an emphasis on Higher Order Thinking Skills to engage students with diverse learning styles.

Virtual Labs




Case Studies 

Discussion Forums



We offer awide variety of learningopportunities designed to maximize student understanding, develop Higher Order Thinking Skills, and apply knowledge to resolve real-world problems.


Automated Quizzes

Open-Ended Projects

HOTS Evaluation


Unit Review

Rubric Practice

Preparatory Tests

By utilizing rich instructional resources, weempower classroom teachers to successfully implement differentiated curriculum with a focus on Higher Order Thinking Skills in the classroom. 

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

HOTS-Focused Teaching Strategies

Differentiated Instructional Resources

Learning-Based Diagnostic Tools

Group Collaboration Activities

Downloadable Resources

With data-driven analytics and multilayer management features, our international partner schools are able to effectively analyze and manage student learning progress and outcomes, as well as academic operations. 

Student Dashboard

Course Schedule

Class Progress

Student Learning Advancement

Deadline Manager

Assignment Management


Learning Analytics

Through assignment and grading management to exam proctoringtools, we showcase transparency and unify evaluation criteria to ensure academic integrity.

Student Integrity Management

Academic Integrity Reporting

Plagiarism Detection Tools

Assignment Submission Management

Due Date Extension Manager

Examination Question Banks

Online Assessments

Exam Proctoring Tools

When we say our learning platform is customized, we mean it. It’s a tailor-made experience that addresses the acute needs of learners, teachers and administrators. There’s just nothing like it—anywhere.

Fernando OliveiraPrincipal and Director of Technology, Rosedale Academy


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