Our Passionate Leaders

Our management team at Rosedale are a diverse collection of proven innovators, education experts, experienced practitioners, leading technologists, and savvy business professionals who are committed to transforming education for the better.

Managing Director & CEO

Michelle Cui

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): University of Toronto, Canada
  • Master of Computer Science: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Northeastern University, China

Michelle is the Managing Director and CEO at Rosedale International Education Inc. An innovator and strategic thinker, Michelle believes that by combining the power of disruptive technologies, innovative models, and mature management approaches with a transformative approach to learning, we can create exceptional education programs that truly suit the development of our future world, while also making it accessible to an expansive number of students around the globe.

Michelle’s role at Rosedale is that of a designer or architect—she founded Rosedale with a big vision and a small team of seven employees in 2014, and crafted the company’s business model with an eye on the scalability of high quality, differentiated and skill-focused programs from day one. Now with a robust team, she guides her colleagues on growth strategies, product development and operational design, while establishing a service framework to support the sustainable and intentional growth of the Rosedale Global High School Program—a program that expanded to 51 international partner schools in 13 countries in just four years of market development. In her work, she motivates the inner-drive of her teams, constantly pushing for more innovative approaches with a focus on the next level of excellence, and she inspires the teams to aspire for greatness and positively influence today’s world to make an impact for tomorrow.

Prior to Rosedale, Michelle was an experienced management consultant, working with large multinational companies in the areas of corporate growth strategy, strategic planning, merger and acquisition, operational restructuring, and new business establishment. She has provided strategic consulting services for numerous companies and government agencies including IBM, Rogers, BMO, Scotia Bank, Aviva Insurance, Canadian Tire, HP, and Government of Ontario, Ministry of Finance. Additionally, she also has many years of successful cross-industry 2B business development experience with a global leading technology company in China.

Director of Academics

Nathalie Rudner

  • Master of Science: McGill University, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Education: York University, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Science: McGill University, Canada  

Nathalie is the Director of Academics at Rosedale International Education, joining our leadership team in June 2021. She leads the Rosedale Global High School Program in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training and co-curricular projects, to ensure distinction in teaching, learning, and continuous advancement across all partner schools in 13 countries. Nathalie also manages the development of specialty high school programs—including STEM Entrepreneurship, Creative Industry Media Arts programs and English Enhancement Learning Program—in support of transformative learning, and strength-focus and career-aligned personalized learning path development.  

Nathalie was President of the Board of Directors of Science Teachers’ Association Ontario (STAO) and a Co-Chair for its annual conference for science educators across Ontario. She drove strategic planning and governance structure changes to meet the changing needs of STEM educators, effectively addressing Ontario Ministry of Education priorities, engaging school boards, and supporting teachers in the implementation of evolving STEM educational strategies and approaches. Nathalie also organized diverse events to engage STEM educators province-wide for professional learning, and community building. Nathalie is on the Educator Advisory Panel for Let’s Talk Science, a leading organization that prepares Canadian youth for careers in STEM.  

In her work with the York Region District School Board as the Assistant Department Head of Science and a Curriculum Consultant, Nathalie contributed to the capacity building of educators and system leaders with her expertise in K-12 science curriculum, assessment, differentiated instruction, instructional leadership, inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, design thinking (ICE Training) and growth mindset. Nathalie designed responsive professional learning opportunities and facilitated a variety of learning models to promote inclusivity and attain success. Nathalie’s work as an Instructor for the China Education Program at York University allowed her to develop and lead weeklong workshops on differentiated instruction and STEM education for a group of elementary and secondary educators from the Beijing Ministry of Education Chaoyang Branch in China. Nathalie was named a Foreign Expert with Beijing Ministry of Education, Chaoyang Branch. 

Nathalie recognizes the necessity of our Transformative Approach to Learning for holistic student success and is devoted to work with Rosedale Academy international partner schools to develop instructional leadership in their region.

Head of Academic Operations & Student Success

Leslie Chan

  • Master of Education (Comparative and International Education): Western University, Canada
  • Bachelor of Education: Queen’s University, Canada
  • Bachelor of Science: Queen’s University, Canada

Leslie is the Head of Academic Operations & Student Success at Rosedale International Education, where she is responsible for the central delivery of the Global High School Program. In this work, she assists partner schools on customized programming and provides in-depth program implementation and academic administration training to all partner schools’ senior academic staff. Leslie manages the Rosedale Central Evaluation practice and guides the team of lead teachers and subject specific grading teachers to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and transparency of evaluation. Leslie and her team provide ongoing support to school staff and students from point of registration to graduation, and transition into post-secondary education. Leslie also leads the Rosedale Academy student advisory team to provide exceptional counsellor training—developing topics such as career planning and crafting effective university application strategies. These training and support services empower counsellor in our partner schools to create a program that meets the needs of their distinct students. 

Leslie began her career in education overseas, teaching science at various Canadian schools throughout China. Through this work experience, she developed a passion for working with international students and promoting Canadian education on a global scale. Her passion helped drive the direction of her educational career to Guidance Counselling, where she has helped students successfully transition from high school to post-secondary schools. 

Leslie is committed to creating positive learner experiences by collaborating with our partner schools to create personalized learning pathways for student success in both secondary and post-secondary education. 

Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances

Samantha Cameron

  • Bachelor of Arts: Carleton University, Canada

Samantha is the Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances at Rosedale International Education, where she identifies and advances strategic opportunities across multiple sectors, including: education, government and media. In this role, Samantha cultivates partnerships and collaborates with cross-functional teams to design, implement and enhance enrichment solutions within the Rosedale Global High School Program portfolio. 

Samantha appreciates the advantages of global, differentiated education, and has worked in four countries and travelled to more than 30 during her career. She previously worked as the Associate Director of Partnerships at Cialfo, where she fostered strategic partnerships focused on experiential learning and technology-driven solutions between secondary schools, employers and post-secondary institutions in the international education field. Samantha’s expertise in leading program and project delivery in the area of global partnerships at The Intern Group showcased her skills in strategic operations across a comprehensive portfolio with focus in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. As a bilingual (Spanish, English) professional, she led the North American market expansion strategy for a Bogota, Colombia-based marketing agency. She is also a specialist in faculty-led and customized programming, international internship placements and short-term study/learning programs. 

Samantha’s ability to amplify international education alliances supports Rosedale, and our strategic partners, to advance positive outcomes in this transformational era of education.

Director of Key Account Management, China

Yang Yu

  • Bachelor of Management: University of International Business and Economics, China

Yang is the Director of Key Account Management, China, at Rosedale International Education, where she leads a team focused on managing strategic customer relationships and achieving targets with partner schools—from program positioning and student recruitment, to collaborative marketing and strategic growth.  

With more than eight years of previous experience in comprehensive program management and operations, Yang has provided professional services in business and operations management to global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, such as: Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Cisco, McDonald’s, L’Oreal and Auchan.  

Yang empowers partner schools in China as they work with Rosedale to provide higher order thinking skills focused, differentiated education, while also supporting scaled growth and market stability. 

Vice President, Academic Solutions

Victoria Hemming

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada 
  • Master of Arts: Western University, Canada  
  • Bachelor of Education: Western University, Canada  
  • Bachelor of Physical Education / Sport Sciences: McMaster University, Canada  

Victoria is the Vice President, Academic Solutions at Rosedale International Education, where she leads functions including curriculum, central evaluation, technology and teacher training on corporate level initiatives, which improve the effectiveness, accuracy, and consistency of Rosedale Academy’s evaluation practice. With an extensive background and senior leadership experiences at the provincial level in assessment and accountability systems, Victoria guides the Rosedale team in strategic definition and methodology, to design and development, and through to implementation and data-driven continuing improvement.  

Victoria is a visionary and strategic leader with more than 30 years progressive experience and has held numerous senior leadership positions in both the public and private education sector. Previously, she was the Vice President of Assessment Solutions at Pearson Education in the United States, where she crafted innovative and technology-enabled assessment solutions, strengthened and managed a $95 million product portfolio, and oversaw product management, product design and professional development.  

As Chief Assessment Officer at the Ontario Education Quality & Accountability Office (EQAO), she directed Ontario-wide assessment operations in English and Mathletics for 750,000 students across nearly 5,000 schools. As an Inspector with the Ontario Ministry of Education, she conducted more than 85 private school inspections to ensure compliance with ministry policies and procedures, identify issues and provide recommendations for improvement. Victoria’s work at provincial and district levels also includes translating broad vision and strategies into actionable solutions for school-level implementation, developing qualitative and quantitative measurement frameworks to assess school effectiveness and academic achievement, and providing professional development to school principals. 

As a well-known thought leader with extensive practical experience, Victoria has earned a reputation for catalyzing dynamic organizational shifts that produce impressive gains in efficiency, achieving organizational strategic priorities and supporting mission critical organizational objectives.

Senior Advisor, Educational Leadership Program

Paul Tufts

  • Master of Education (Curriculum Studies): Western University, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Education: Western University, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Arts: Western University, Canada 

Paul is the Senior Advisor, Educational Leadership Program at Rosedale International Education, and a former Principal of Rosedale Academy. With his guidance, Paul established a strong foundation for Rosedale Academy’s academic operations and successfully managed the initial development for the Rosedale Global High School Program. Currently, his mandate includes continued multinational growth of the Rosedale Global High School Program, Principal Training Programs, and higher education partnerships. 

Leading with integrity and stability is central to Paul’s approach, and he is committed to progress in the global education framework. His experience in international education includes leadership as an Education Advisor for the Malaysian Ministry of Education; a role in which he developed a team of education partners to implement government guidelines for school transformation initiatives, liaised with school leaders and teachers to improve standards of education, and served as a coach/mentor to support educators in developing their skills and knowledge in effective pedagogy. Paul is an exceptional educator and leader in Canada, with decades of experience as a certified teacher, principal and superintendent with Ontario’s Thames Valley District School Board, a board with nearly 75,000 students. This body of work included directives for developing the Board’s Strategic and Improvement Plans; supervision and ongoing professional development and capacity building for multiple schools; board-level resource planning and allocation of teaching staff—all ensuring the school goals and classroom practice align with strategic planning to maximize student success. 

As an Instructor with the Ontario Principals’ Council, Paul worked with the teaching qualification programs for both Principals and Supervisory Officers, while expertly leading the implementation of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Student Voice initiative. Also with the Ontario Principals’ Council, Paul served as a field expert for the International School Leadership program, providing support and professional development for school leaders around the world. In additional leadership roles, Paul acted as a mentor with the Ontario Public Supervisory Officer Association, providing formal support to newly appointed school board supervisory officers. Paul has also worked at Western University as a Sessional Lecturer in the department of Graduate Education, where he taught a course in the International School Leadership program.  

Paul’s proficiency in education leadership, academic integrity and knowledge mobilization are essential to the growth of Rosedale Academy and our unwavering commitment to our global partners. 

Senior Project Manager, PMO

Lakshmi Priya

  • Master of Arts (English): Jhansi University, India 
  • Bachelor of Education (English & Math): Kerala University, India 
  • Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering): Pondicherry University, India 
  • Certified ISO auditor, UX designer, Agile methodologies 

Lakshmi is the Senior Project Manager, PMO at Rosedale International Education, where she is responsible for managing the lifecycle of curriculum from development to continuous improvement. Notably, Lakshmi has revamped Rosedale’s curriculum portfolio—creating and upgrading more than 50 high school courses with emphasis on higher order thinking skill development and differentiated learning. In her work, she set new standards for ESL and English courses, earning widespread recognition by respected education institutions and international publishers. She has also implemented a tailored Project Management Life Cycle Framework to continuously improve the quality of courses at Rosedale Academy, and to provide a strong foundation for instructional excellence and student achievements within the Rosedale Global High School Program.   

Before joining Rosedale Academy, Lakshmi held roles in the education landscape, including research consultant, teacher and school principal; she also brings forth expertise in software engineering and IT. She received the ICSE Affiliation from the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations in India; and was also the recipient of the Best Teacher Award and International School Award for leading integration of International Learning, issued by the British Council. Lakshmi utilized her expertise to implement a global program offered by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in the United Kingdom that brought students from 19 countries together using digital technology.  

Lakshmi is a passionate and forward-thinking leader who recognizes the importance of curriculum as the foundation for instructional excellence and student academic success, and its power in transforming education. 

Head of Education Marketing & Communications

Holly Fraser

  • Master of Education: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts: Rutgers University, USA

Holly is the Head of Education Marketing & Communications at Rosedale International Education, where she develops strategic messaging and integrated marketing-communications programs to elevate Rosedale’s brand in the Canadian and global education community. In her work, she drives print and digital content marketing, centrally manages official communications, and supports business development in regional initiatives, with an analytics-informed approach. 

Holly is a versatile strategic communicator focused on intentional growth and purposeful brand storytelling. She holds more than 15 years of experience as a consultant supporting clientele across a range of sectors; she was a columnist for a New York newspaper with a readership of nearly 500,000 weekly readers, a ghostwriter, early adopter and corporate trainer in social media, and provided communications, event marketing and brand services for numerous clients, such as: the Emmy Awards, Food Network, Mastercard and Sarah, Duchess of York. During her time at University of Toronto, she developed and managed marketing-communications programs for administrative, academic and ancillary departments in a tri-campus setting, scaled growth of digital properties to 900% in one year through a targeted approach, and demonstrated leadership in issues management and crisis communications. Knowledge sharing is central to her work ethic; as an instructor at Centennial College in the corporate communications and public relations post-graduate program, Holly was named Distinguished Academic Employee of the Year for her inclusive teaching approach and breadth of industry expertise. She also developed progressive curriculum and taught courses at Seneca College’s School of Marketing & Media.  

Holly recognizes the value a robust brand identity can have on the impact of an organization, and is committed to enriching Rosedale’s profile with a central focus on its mission to reshape the future of global education.

Principal and Director of Technology

Fernando Oliveira

  • Master of Education (Curriculum Development and Technology): OISE, University of Toronto, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Education: University of Toronto, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Arts: University of Toronto, Canada 

Fernando is the Principal and Director of Technology at Rosedale International Education, where he leads central academic delivery and technology innovation, ensuring all education technologies effectively support our programs and their delivery. Fernando cultivates an integrated team environment and works closely with all functional departments to ensure technology not only supports the scale delivery of the Rosedale Global High School Program, but also becomes an important driver to Rosedale’s continued innovation.

Fernando began his career in education two decades ago as a Certified Teacher for secondary education in remote First Nations communities. The educational needs of the students in these communities were not being met by mainstream education programs. During this time, he worked with a team to leverage the emerging power of digital learning to offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to students in fly-in communities across Northern Ontario, and his team developed one of the first classroom-based eLearning programs in Canada. Fernando has spent more than a decade working with Canadian school boards and universities to develop customized online learning environments that combine innovative technologies with engaging curriculum, and he has designed and managed the development of a multitude of software solutions used by schools around the world. He has demonstrated his expertise by presenting his work at seminars for educators at conferences in Europe and across North America.

Fernando is a notable expert and innovator in the education technology space and takes special interest in utilizing technology to create active learning environments and promote successful learner outcomes.

Academic Executive, Global Education Partnerships

Dr. David A. Burpee

  • Doctorate of Education (Educational Administration and School Organization): Columbia University, USA 
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies, Educational Administration: State University of New York, USA 
  • Master of Education: Western Connecticut State University, USA 
  • Bachelor of Education: Western Connecticut State University, USA 

David is the Academic Executive, Global Education Partnerships at Rosedale International Education, where he leverages his rich experiences within the field of international education to promote the development of global high school partnerships in Southeast Asia, South America, and other regions. With more than four decades of experience in education, David expertly guides the implementation of overseas projects with Rosedale Academy’s partner schools, while taking an active role in support of teacher training, curriculum improvement, and educational thought leadership.  

An international education expert, David was appointed to roles as Campus Principal for K-12 students at Singapore International School; School Director at Vietnam Australia International School; and School Principal for K-12 students at the International School of North America—all located in Vietnam. In these roles, he guided the instructional programming and academic leadership for diverse student groups in for-profit settings. Prior to his work overseas, David’s career included roles as a Certified Teacher and Superintendent in New York schools, as well as a Director for the Rockland County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), where he provided specialized educational, vocational and technical training opportunities to 45,000 students within nine New York school districts. He has served as an Advisory Board Member and Academic President of the Nguyen Hoang Group, where he provided corporate leadership, consultation and solutions to the International Education Cities brand. In private practice, David is an Educational Consultant, where he provides comprehensive expertise on managing for-profit international schools.  

David’s ability to engage, develop and sustain global education partnerships is distinct and extraordinary, and his focus on creating life-changing learning outcomes through transformative learning honours the vision of Rosedale.  

Head of Teacher Training

Asim Sayed

  • Bachelor of EducationUniversity of Windsor, Canada
  • Bachelor of Science, HonoursUniversity of Windsor, Canada
  • Bachelor of Computer Science: University of Windsor, Canada 

Asim is the Head of Teacher Training at Rosedale International Education, where he oversees the quality and management of teacher training programs from design, development, to delivery and assessment. In this role, Asim develops training programs to provide Classroom Teachers with the strategies, resources, and tools they need to deliver an engaging and transformative high school program with a focus on higher order thinking skill development and differentiated learning in a 21st century modern learning environment. Prior to his role as Head of Teacher Training, Asim served Rosedale Academy as Senior Academic Manager, Program Manager and Math Curriculum Designer.  

Asim is an expert educator with an extensive background in teaching, instructional design, curriculum development, teacher professional development and academic management. Prior to Rosedale, Asim served as the Department Head for Computational Mathematics in a prestigious Ontario private school, where he taught math, chemistry, physics and computer science. He previously led the development and design of an advanced curriculum for gifted students in mathematics, and his mathematics course design has been recognized by the University of Waterloo. Asim’s deep understanding of the unique process of education has allowed him to help many students achieve high honours at leading mathematics competitions in North America; his alumni have moved on to great success by creating Ethereum and by attending some of the most esteemed schools in the world, including: Brown, Columbia, MIT, Cambridge, University of Waterloo, McGill, Queen’s, University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto.  

Asim takes ownership of teacher training and appreciates collaborating with international partner schools to create solutions that modernize education for the next generation of learners. 

General Manager, China

Siyang Gu

  • Master of Computer Science: National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Design: Northeastern University, China  
  • Bachelor of Computer Science: Northeastern University, China  

Siyang is the General Manager, China, at Rosedale International Education, where he is dedicated to market expansion and successfully establishes and manages business development and key account management teams in China. In this work, he cultivates and implements our business development strategy, and actively explores strategic partnerships with leading international education partners, while building a comprehensive position for Rosedale as a market leader in providing differentiated education solutions to international schools in China. 

As an expert in market acquisition and business development, Siyang brings more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and channel management in the finance, education and high-tech industries. Previously, he has served as a general manager, board member and other leadership roles for a number of publicly listed companies, leading teams to drive market growth, meet sales targets and develop collaborative partnerships  

Siyang’s expert leadership in market expansion and emphasis on strategic alliance create effective partnerships that focus on transformative education for the next generation of global learners. 

Director of Teaching and Learning

Pam Turnbull

  • Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning): OISE, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor of Education: University of Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts: University of Toronto, Canada

Pam is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Rosedale International Education, where she designs and implements professional development programs for faculty members to assist them in becoming more effective educators in transformative learning. As a renowned advocate and practitioner of differentiated education in the Ontario K-12 education sector, and across the globe, she utilizes her extensive background in curriculum development, instructional strategies, and teacher professional development to guide Rosedale Academy’s teaching and learning portfolio. Through this work, Pam ensures the curriculum and teacher training programs at Rosedale Global High School exceed industry standards in instructional excellence. 

As a trusted leader in education, Pam regularly receives invitations to share her expertise and experiences at domestic and international education conferences, and works globally with educators delivering professional development programs for teachers in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Nigeria and Kuwait. She has presented her work at the Canadian Bureau for International Education Conference, the Canadian Association of Public Schools International Conference, The Quest: International Education Conference, Association of Education Researchers Conference, and many more. In her work with the Ontario Ministry of Education, she developed lessons for provincial distribution that are utilized for differentiated instructional strategies, was an advisor for the development of the Student Success Resources for all Ontario teachers, and peer-reviewed provincial curriculum guidelines and profiles in the areas of guidance and career education. Pam dedicated 29 years of service to the York Region District School Board, an international acclaimed Ontario school board with more than 120,000 students—her career spanned teaching and guidance counselling, district-level curriculum consultation, system-wide implementation and communication of Ontario Ministry of Education policies, and collaborative work with school-level and provincial leaders. 

Pam masterfully connects her deep understanding of curriculum, teaching and learning with her passion for expanding differentiated education to help reshape the future of global education. 

Director of the Principal’s Office

Celia Feng

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): University of Toronto, Canada
  • Master of Management: Fudan University, China
  • Bachelor of Economics: East China Normal University, China 

Celia is the Director of the Principal’s Office at Rosedale International Education, where she takes the lead role in Rosedale Academy’s strategic projects, cross-functional collaboration, and continuous optimization of organizational structure and operating models. Celia manages our talent acquisition practice and general human resources management in both the Toronto and Beijing Office, with proactive approaches to attract new talent. Celia’s portfolio also includes corporate finance, where she works with senior leadership to develop metrics, analysis, and reporting at department and corporate levels to support strategic decisions and ensure the suitable growth of Rosedale.   

As one of the earliest employees of Rosedale Academy, Celia demonstrated her expertise in corporate strategy and operational management by designing the foundation of corporate-level operation structure and key processes. Prior to Rosedale, she held senior positions managing the Asia-Pacific regional strategy of a Fortune Global 500 corporation, where she crafted the company’s five-year strategic plan, successfully led her team through large-scale merger and acquisition projects, and managed new product development and product launch initiatives.  

Celia is a focused and collaborative leader who utilizes the power of strategic planning and data-driven decision making to advance Rosedale Academy’s mission.  

Senior Manager, Global Education Partnerships

Ralon Nazareth

  • Bachelor of Arts & Business: University of Waterloo, Canada 

Ralon is the Senior Manager, Global Education Partnerships at Rosedale International Education, where he leads school partnership development in strategic markets. Since joining Rosedale three years ago, Ralon has improved Rosedale Global High School’s market reach through the development of global partnerships in Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and more. 

Ralon has an extensive background in the areas of international education and student recruitment, including as the Senior International Recruitment Specialist for University of Waterloo, where he successfully developed foreign government undergraduate scholarship programs in Latin America, and effectively established institutional and corporate partnerships for capacity building in English as an Additional Language and English for Special Purposes programs. As Co-operative Education Manager at University of Waterloo, Ralon gained transnational education experience by working in the United Arab Emirates; there, he introduced the University’s co-operative education system of study to leading international employers based in the UAE and neighbouring countries. 

Ralon’s focus on global partnership development and his ability to support cross-functional teams supports Rosedale’s mission: Reshape the future of global education.  

Director of Business Development, China

Jiayuan Tian

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Chinese Academy of Social Science, China
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Applied Engineering: Tianjin University, China  
  • Bachelor of Polymer Chemistry Engineering: Tianjin University, China 

Jiayuan is the Director of Business Development, China, at Rosedale International Education, with a portfolio responsible for partnership development with leading K-12 schools and education groups. He has successfully achieved Rosedale’s business objectives in China for three consecutive years and utilizes strategic partnerships to drive sustainable growth.  

With more than 15 years of sales experience and senior-level management experience in the education, technology and manufacturing sectors, Jiayuan has served in Vice President and Sales Director roles in multiple transnational organizations, such as: BlueFocus, Yingyun Digital, Amberton, Microsoft, SAP, and Siemens, and has repeatedly been a global sales champion for new products. 

Jiayuan is committed to reshaping the future of global education through business solutions that support sustainable growth in the education sector.  


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