General Information

1. What is Rosedale Academy?

Founded in June 2014, Rosedale Academy is an independent global high school (BSID #668726) operated by Rosedale International Education Inc. We focus on academic rigor, essential skill development, and student success. Our mandate is to increase the accessibility of quality Canadian education around the globe.

2. What is the Rosedale Academy Global High School Program?

The Rosedale Global High School Program is a premier hybrid education program that blends online education and in-person classroom learning. It is a collaborative program between Rosedale and international education partners. In the program, Rosedale Academy (Toronto) manages academic administration, curriculum development, instructional leadership, teacher training programs, educational technologies and more, while the overseas campuses are responsible for classroom instruction, tutoring, student enrollment, and local services.

3. Who are Rosedale GHS partners and where are they located?

Rosedale works with universities, public/international high schools and some large education companies in China, Nigeria, Korea, and Vietnam to collaboratively deliver OSSD global high school program.

4. Are overseas campuses owned by Rosedale?

No, overseas campuses are independent entities that are owned by our education partners.



Teaching job, Roles and Responsibilities

1. Can you tell me more about the kind of students I would be teaching?

Generally, they are grade 10-12 students who are interested in taking their undergraduate programs in Canada, US, England or other countries. Most students are smart and hardworking with an average English proficiency similar to other ESL students in their age group.

2. What’s the general class size?

Class sizes vary from campus to campus. The maximum class size is 20 students in overseas campuses. You may expect a smaller size for some young campuses (2-4 students, in some cases).

3. What instructional support can I expect from Rosedale?

  • All course contents and lesson plans
  • Supplemental resources for differentiated education
  • Supplemental resources for group activities in the classroom
  • Template for course schedule
  • On-going communication and support on course content

4. What are the key responsibilities of global teachers?

You are assigned by Rosedale to the campus partner school, to act in the role of campus teacher. As part of your key responsibilities, you will:

  • Teach grade 10-12 OSSD high school curriculum in one or more of the following subject areas: Math, Sciences, English, Business, ESL
  • Prepare for lessons ahead of time
  • Support student academic success and learning skill development
  • Be available to attend to the student, parent and administrative needs
  • Lead, coordinate and support co-curricular activities and school events
  • Actively contribute to curriculum improvement and instructional effectiveness

5. What is the reporting structure of global teachers?

You will have dual reporting lines to 1) Rosedale Program Manager & the Principal of Rosedale Academy; 2) Campus Administrators.

6. How does Rosedale course Delivery Model work?

In the Rosedael Blended Delivery Model, the Local Teacher (you) works with students in a regular classroom setting. All teaching materials and resources are provided to support instruction and set students up for success. The students submit their assignments to the online Learning Management Platform, and in turn, they are graded by OCT certified Course Teachers. The Rosedale Program Managers (and Head of Student Success) provide ongoing support throughout the entire process from our Headquarters in Toronto, Canada.











7. How many courses am I going to teach?

Generally, you will teach 2-4 courses per semester, and the exact number may vary from campus to campus, and from year to year.

8. What are the general working hours?

You will work no more than 40 hours per week on the campus, and the general teaching hours are 22-26 per week. If you are asked to take more teaching hours than 30 per week, you will be compensated on hourly rate additionally directly from the local campus. As per Rosedale's policy, any teaching hours beyond 30 per week is considered as overtime. The campus will communicate with campus teacher directly on the hourly rate. It may vary from campus to campus.

9. Do I need to stay on the school premises when I have no classes to teach?

Yes. Your working hours are 40 per week in the overseas campus. In addition to in-classroom instruction, you will prepare the lessons, communicate with students, support marketing initiative, etc. on the campus.

10. How do you measure my performance in the overseas campus?

Rosedale has a professional performance-measuring system for global teachers. You will receive the Teachers’ Handbook when you are on board which contains detailed information.

11. Are local staff able to speak English?

Yes, most campus staff can communicate well in English.



Onboarding Process

1. What is the on-boarding date?

It varies from campus to campus. Generally, you will be on board in Mid-July or August.

2. What visa is sponsored by Rosedale Academy?

Either work visa or business visa will be sponsored based on your qualification and/or campus status.

3. Are you going to book the flight for me, or I need to book it myself?

Either Rosedale Academy or the overseas campus will book your flight.

4. Will I be picked up at the airport in China?

Yes, you will be met at the airport by someone from the overseas campus and taken to your apartment or a hotel room for your temporary use.