Bring our future generations to succeed all over the world


Rosedale Academy empowers our global partner high schools to collaboratively deliver the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Together we share a vision to transform education and deliver life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world. 

With over 30 partners around the world, we’re looking for energetic, adventurous and passionate individuals for an unbelievable opportunity to teach future generations at our extraordinary global partner schools.


Lead the delivery of our professionalism

Your Role:

As a local teacher, you will work directly with high school students in our global partner schools’ international classrooms. With all course grading centrally managed through course teachers in Toronto, the local teacher’s primary responsibility is to lead the delivery of our fully developed curriculum on Rosedale’s digital platform, and support students by providing them with the feedback they need to succeed.   


Key requirements:

We welcome any Recent Graduate or Experienced Teacher who shares a passion for education and is willing to embrace new adventures. (Teaching Certificate is not mandatory) 

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Develop Your Knowledge in Multiple Global Locations

  • Shenyang, China
  • Guangzhou, China
  • Beijing, China
  • Shanghai, China
  • Kunming, China
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Antananarivo, Madagascar


Beijing, China


Lagos, Nigeria 


Elevated Package


Medical Insurance




  • Competitive Compensation 
  • Monthly Housing Allowance or Furnished Accommodations
  • Free flight tickets, and medical cover
  • Paid holiday
  • Gratuity bonus upon completion of the contract



Explore Travels in Ways Unlike any Tourist 



  • Enjoy attractions and adventures
  • Explore local cuisine 
  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Learn new hobbies like rock-climbing



Meet new people


Sky Diving


Enhance Your Canadian Work Experience Overseas 


         Teaching in Oversea Classes


Teacher Certificate


  • Teach Ontario Curriculum in overseas schools 
  • Keep building a professional profile when working outside of Canada
  • Overseas experience recognized in Canadian schools
  • Report to both local school administration and Rosedale principal.



Grow with In-depth Instructional Support and Training



  • Provided with detailed instructional package  
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training at on-boarding 
  • Supported by Rosedale Academic team 
  • Continual Professional Development 



Teacher Training


Training Materials


Advance Your Career Opportunities


Toronto Headquarter


Rosedale Global Network


  • Relocate to different global locations  
  • Build a professional network with experienced educators 
  • Transfer to Rosedale Central School in Toronto 
  • Promotional opportunities in global implementation department 


Hear from our teachers


Chris Royce


I have enjoyed my overall experience with Rosedale and working in China quite a lot. I have been here since September 2014. The benefits of the program have been able to focus more on students, questions, answers, feedback, activities, rather than the grind of preparation and marking.

Chris Royce, Local School Teacher, 
Northeastern University OSSD Center, China



In Northeastern University OSSD Center, students come in at all levels as many are very interested in studying abroad and are at a top level. Students are usually quiet and English levels can also be spread out. Many students have never done any skill-embedded projects as we have done in North America.

I have very much enjoyed the food while here. There is a huge variety and depending on a person's culinary tastes. Our school cafeteria offers great dishes and you can eat there daily with no thought to it hitting your wallet. Regarding traveling, it's easy to get to Beijing or Shanghai by train or plane. Japan and Korea are right next doors and South East Asia is also very close. 

Overall, I've had a great experience here, but you have to be flexible and adaptable for sure. I've enjoyed events like Halloween and Christmas parties, as well as "sports day”. It's also a great feeling  when  students come back from university for a visit and you see how much they've changed. I would most definitely do it again and  would  recommend it to definitely new teachers trying to find their feet or even mid-level teachers who are looking for something new.



Cason Bravener



Rosedale is extremely helpful in providing you with the proper training to use in the classroom, allowing you the flexibility to implement the training in a style that personally works best for the students and yourself. They are also reliable in always making sure that everything is going smoothly while being quick to respond to any problems that arise. 

Cason Bravener, Local School Teacher, 
Guangdong Experimental Yuexiu School, China


Working with Rosedale, I can say without question the aspect I have enjoyed the most is the general experience of China. The country is complex but allows for constant learning in situations far outside of one’s regular comfort zone. 

Rosedale is extremely helpful in providing you with the proper training to use in the classroom, allowing you the flexibility to implement the training in a style that personally works best for the students and yourself. They are also reliable in always making sure that everything is going smoothly while being quick to respond to any problems that arise. Their course platform is interactive and contains plenty of differentiated resources, allowing plenty of options to help students grasp difficult concepts. The students themselves have great personalities and make the new transition easier. I quickly found myself taking great pride in helping with their development process, and encouraging students to reach their personal goals in the classroom.

The city of Guangzhou itself strikes the personal balance between being international, and still authentically Chinese. There are plenty of foreigners in the city to help create a social life, although Chinese people are always extremely friendly and curious about other cultures. I personally play a lot of soccer in the city, as there are plenty of expat groups that rent fields during the weekend. My residence is very spacious and well maintained, with security guards, and conveniently within walking distance to the campus.

Overall, I can say that I do not regret my decision to sign on with Rosedale, the experience has been a once in a lifetime experience, and I could not describe them as anything but a truly exceptional employer. 


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