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To introduce our Global Education Summit speakers to you, we asked them share with us what makes them proud as a global educator, what transforming education means to them, and how their work has changed in the past year. 

For more than 14 years, Esther Carvalho has been a global educator. She says, “As a global educator, I identify myself as part of a vast network that believes we can transform the world into a better place for all citizens.”  

To her, transforming global education means to foster empathy, respect and connection among people from different cultural backgrounds that recognize themselves as part of something bigger than their local lives.  

In the last year, her work has changed in many ways. She notes the pandemic was an unpredictable and complex scenario to live in, and it was crucial to learn new ways of working with teams. She says, “I had to engage the educators to go beyond their perspectives and to think in different ways in order to promote a new learning environment. We tested our limits, and it was incredible how we became stronger than before. As a big community we faced problems and losses and, at the same time, we built a strong sense of belonging.” 

About her work
Esther is the General School Principal at Colégio Rio Branco, and the author of Educating in the 21st Century–Agency, Social Responsibility and Global Formation and Implementation of Curriculum Innovations in Schools: the Management Perspective, as well as articles for print media. She has visited many countries and delved into their educational systems and their best practices, such as: China, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. She is particularly experienced in the Finnish educational system and best practices due to a long-term partnership between Colégio Rio Branco and Finnish institutions. She has participated in programs on leadership and management, quality improvement in education, and learning and teaching in the contemporary world at Harvard University.   

Hear Esther speak at the Global Education Summit 

Listen to Esther’s insights as a panelist for: Implementing Higher Order Thinking Skill Development through Curriculum and Teacher Training from 9:00-9:45 a.m. EST. 

Learn more about Esther and our other panelists at the Global Education Summit by clicking here. 

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