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To introduce our Global Education Summit speakers to you, we asked them share with us what makes them proud as a global educator, what transforming education means to them, and how their work has changed in the past year. 

For nearly four decades, Wenguo Chen has been involved in education—both as a distinguished physics teacher and as an administrator with more than 20 years of leadership experience. 

To him, transforming global education means facing the future, and his is most proud when witnessing the achievements of his students. 

About his work
As the Executive Principal of Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan and founding member of Shanghai High School International Division, Wenguo has spent more than 20 years in leadership positions that helped establish it as one of the most highly regarded international schools in the country. He spearheaded the introduction of AP and IB curricula in China, is a distinguished physics teacher, and consults regularly on the development of international schools for Chinese students.  

Hear Wenguo speak at the Global Education Summit 

Listen to Wenguo‘s insights as a panelist for: Delivering Modern International Education at Scale from 7:40-8:25 a.m. EST.  

Learn more about Wenguo and our other panelists at the Global Education Summit by clicking here. 

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