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To introduce our Global Education Summit speakers to you, we asked them share with us what makes them proud as a global educator, what transforming education means to them, and how their work has changed in the past year. 

For more than 20 years, Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan has worked as a strategic leader for multi-interest organizations and is proud that his work with STS Group has been able to bring to countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka international affordable education. Global education is an area that is absent in many developing and lesser-developed countries, and Sandeep believes affordable education opportunities allow countries to gain a globally skilled workforce that can power economic growth and per capita income, creating thriving global populations. 

To him, transforming global education means transforming the Human Development Index, in that, transformative global education should result in radical improvement in the living standards of people and should touch many areas of human life, including: healthcare, housing, income, employment opportunities and more. 

In the last year, his work has changed intensely. He says “The power of the online model has dramatically changed education. One of the biggest changes has been that tracking progress has become easier and more efficient—whether observing lessons of teachers or conducting multinational meetings seamlessly, people in my organisation and I have become so used to the online model that we now see a resistance to change while going back to the physical model.” 

About his work
As the Group CEO at STS Group, the largest multi-interest private conglomerate in Bangladesh, with significant presence spanning healthcare to education—including Apollo Hospitals, DPS Schools and International School Dhaka—Sandeep works to positively impact and propel STS Group forward. He is a Board Member at Bureau of Indian Standards, and the Chair of the Board at the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India. An Indian Institute of Management Calcutta alumnus with a doctorate in mergers and acquisitions, he has designed strategy interventions with professors from world-class universities, such as: Wharton, Yale, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Stanford, University of Chicago, Booth, IMD, INSEAD, and some of the world’s leading Fortune 500s. He is the co-author of the best-seller, CULT: Strategy and Leadership & Business Strategy–Ruthlessly Redefined and author of Power Business Strategies. 

Hear Sandeep speak at the Global Education Summit 

Listen to Sandeep’s insights as a panelist for: The Global International School Market: Growth, Trends and Outlook from 7:40-8:25 a.m. EST. 

Learn more about Sandeep and our other panelists at the Global Education Summit by clicking here. 

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