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To introduce our Global Education Summit speakers to you, we asked them share with us what makes them proud as a global educator, what transforming education means to them, and how their work has changed in the past year. 

For 15 years, Dr. Eleanor Parker has been a global educator who is proudest in her work when she sees students fulfil their educational and personal potential, irrespective of situation or background. 

To her, transforming global education means working across cultural, linguistic and educational boundaries throughout the student lifecycle, to break down barriers to success and provide a meaningful and more equitable experience for all students. 

In the last year, her work has changed in many ways. She says, “The pivot to online and blended learning has meant rethinking—or refocusing—on how students transition into, through and out of education, and what knowledge, attributes, skills and experience they need to succeed. We’ve had to carefully review the role of social and emotional learning and consider students holistically. It’s been important to acknowledge and respect the different experiences of Covid they’ve had, and the impact on their wellbeing (and ours as educators). Covid has changed the way I collaborate with educators globally and has actually opened up more opportunities with online conferences and events. In summary, I’d say we’ve had to be more flexible, responsive and open to new ideas and strategies more than ever before in education.” 

About her work
The Head of Learning Development at King’s College London in the UK, Eleanor leads services that develop students’ academic skills across the university. She has 15 years of experience in supporting secondary and post-secondary students and educators with enhancing the student experience, teaching and learning, student recruitment, student and staff skills development, and mental health and wellbeing. Her roles as an academic faculty member and in professional support services span three highly competitive UK universities: University of Oxford, where she earned her BA, master’s degree and doctorate; University of Bath; and King’s College London. Eleanor has lived and worked in the UK, Italy, France and North America and collaborates regularly with the Council of International Schools.   

Hear Eleanor speak at the Global Education Summit 

Listen to Eleanor’s insights as a panelist for: Innovative collaboration between higher education and K-12 Schools from 9:00-9:45 a.m. EST. 

Learn more about Eleanor and our other panelists at the Global Education Summit by clicking here. 

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