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To introduce our Global Education Summit speakers to you, we asked them share with us what makes them proud as a global educator, what transforming education means to them, and how their work has changed in the past year. 

For more than four decades, Dr. David Burpee has been a global educator and is proud of the impact of his work. He says, “By definition, a global educator has the ability to reach and to impact students, teachers, and parents throughout the world. This provides opportunities for students that they might not have available to them through a traditional instructional setting.” 

To him, transforming global education means moving from a traditional teaching and learning model to an engaging web-based curriculum platform that can be utilized by both students and teachers in a ‘any time/anywhere’ model. 

In the last year, his work has changed in scope. He says, “I have gone from working as an instructional leader in an international school setting to working with instructional leaders from international schools across the world. This transition has provided me with the challenge—and opportunity—to positively impact many more students then my previous roles in education.” 

About his work 

As the Academic Executive, Global Education Partnerships at Rosedale International, he guides the implementation of overseas projects with Rosedale Academy’s partner schools, while supporting teacher training, curriculum improvement and educational thought leadership. 

David was appointed to roles as Campus Principal for K-12 students at Singapore International School; School Director at Vietnam Australia International School; and School Principal at the International School of North America where he guided programming and academic leadership for diverse student groups. In his career, he was a Certified Teacher and Superintendent in New York schools, and provided specialized educational, vocational and technical training opportunities across nine New York school districts. He has served as an Advisory Board Member and Academic President of the Nguyen Hoang Group and has a private consulting practice. 

Hear David speak at the Global Education Summit 

Listen to David’s insights as a panelist for: The Global International School Market: Growth, Trends and Outlook from 7:40-8:25 a.m. EST. 

Learn more about David and our other panelists at the Global Education Summit by clicking here. 

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